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Our day at ERF TV


Our day at ERF TV
Our day at ERF TV
Our day at ERF TV
Our day at ERF TV
Concert in Wetzlar
Concert in Wetzlar
Sunday service in Wetzlar
At Thomann with Robin
A trip to the Czech republic with wonderful brothers
USA 2016
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Dear Friends,

It has been a while since we came with an update and report. Today we have good news for you. We have now been in Germany since September 13th and we have had a fabulous time.

We started off guesting the TV program Gott sei Dank at ERF TV in Wetzlar where I got to play two songs from the new HOPE album and share my testimony. We also did two radio programs the same day so that day was as I see it worth it all. One of the radio programs was broadcasted nationwide over Germany the same day and it was all about Jesus. You can watch the TV show here.

As we were in Wetzlar we had a concert at Anskar Kirche on Friday night as well as we were part of their Sunday service last Sunday. What a great church with so many wonderful people.

From Wetzlar we drove to former DDR and Klingenthal and of course we had to do a stop at our favorite music shop Musikhaus Thomann on the way and met our dear friend Robin Nunn who is working at the guitar department.

We had a meeting at the church in Klingenthal on Wednesday night and we entered into a presence of Jesus where it was completely silent at the end. I LOVE when He comes with His peace and you can literally see how he is touching people where they are sitting.

Yesterday we drove here to Dresden, where we had a small gathering with young people at the ministry Stoffwechsel. We do not care about numbers. We care about speaking into someones life and this was such a wonderful time to encourage the young people to find their identity in Christ and see themselves as God sees them. I can see that too many young people today have very negative thoughts about themselves when God has totally different thoughts. When I looked at the young people yesterday I saw a group of opportunities and the message to them was encouragement and to find God’s plan for their lives. It is when we enter into God’s will and plan for us when things starts to happen.


Finally the HOPE album is released. Today, September 23rd 2016 is the official release date and the album can be ordered on-line or downloaded at iTunes or Spotify. We rejoice because of this. It has taken two years to come to this day and the road has been up and down. I realize that things had to happen so that the album would be as good as it is. Yes, I am saying it myself; the album is good. It is good because we have so many great musicians involved such as John Coghlan from Status Quo, Dave Hlubek from Molly Hatchet, former Gary More bass player Pete Rees, Jukka Tolonen and many many more. Together we have made it and I am proud to have Janne Hyöty on board as well.

USA 2016

We still have three events here in Germany before we return home. This year we have been more on the road than we have been at home. To this date we have been on the road 160 days this year and the year is not over yet. It is a high price you have to pay when you are going out telling people about Jesus but we feel that this is what we are called to do and that this is what we want to do.

October 25th we start our dates in the US and the number of dates in churches are less than a handful. We are focusing on outreach and visiting detox clinics, rehabilitation homes for people with alcohol and drug related problems. We are visiting prisons and youth facilities as well as the Daytona Turkey Rod Run 2016 witch is a large car event on the legendary Daytona Speedway race track. Our mission is to take the Gospel to the people and bring HOPE into peoples lives.

We are in an urgent need of partners to be able to fulfill this and I believe this is something we can do together. Visit the donation page for further information how YOU can be part of bringing the good news to people at places other christians might never visit. We do it because of the love of God that is in Christ Jesus and we do this with all our hearts.

God Bless & Greetings from Dresden, Germany!

Pontus & Sebastian Back

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