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Dear Friends,

We have just celebrated the most important thing in history. The death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior. We have had a unique holiday season that started with the funeral of my biological father. Not my dad who always have been there for me since I was a little boy. I am still happy that I got to meet my roots and this has helped me with some of the old struggles in life as being adopted and not having the knowledge of where I come from. The whole concept of all of a sudden having two fathers has been ”different”.

As you know I am celebrating 10 YEARS WITH JESUS this year. It is 10 years since I laid on my death bed with no hope to survive. It was there I met the resurrected Jesus Christ and HE gave me a new life. Now we have celebrated that Jesus is ALIVE and we are getting prepared to go out there to let all who come in our way know that this Jesus that IS alive loves them.

April 18th we are leaving for a three week road trip to Germany. There we are going to do some unique outreach events. Some of them I can not mention yet because of their character but you will hear more about this later. God is opening amazing doors to go to the people where they are. He even opens doors to places we NEVER could have imagined we could actually minister at. We are excited and we hope that YOU rejoice with us for these open doors.

This year has brought lots of changes to our ministry. It took me 10 years to learn how to share my testimony in 10 minutes instead of one hour. Today we focus on using the gifts and skills that God has blessed us with; music. We do more music than ever before and people who come to listen to the music will hear the Gospel. Through the music and testimony they will hear a message of faith, hope and love. This is for everyone and our mission is to reach as many as possible.

Since we now are doing more music and we are using backing tracks our old sound system we have used is getting to small. It works for acoustic small sets. We are currently in need of a new system that is easy to handle and travel with but still powerful enough to use at smaller outdoor events as well as on different stages. As we serve the best we also want to deliver the best and playing music with a poor sound is nothing we want to do.

We are also in need of more monthly partners and one time partners for the German tour. What we do we do for Jesus, not for the money. You who knows us also knows where our hearts are and what are motives are.

Now we are packing our bags and heading towards Germany. We hope this is something WE can do TOGETHER! For more information about donating visit: www. or

We will keep you posted from the road with new episodes of ”On the road with The Rockin’ Rev.” and we hope to see wonders and miracles during our journey.

God Bless!


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