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Winds of Change

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Dear friends,

Now we have started our fall missions trip here in the land of the free and home of the brave, United States of America.

We left home Thursday morning and we had a long journey. Vasa-Stockholm-Oslo-New York-West Palm Beach. We were picked up at the airport and taken to our home in Okeechobee. The same night I had a talk with a couple of the presbyters from Fountain of Life Church where I have been based out of the last few years. It has been in the air for a long time and I love the church and the people. Our ministry is growing and God is expanding our territory so to be able to continue the ministry over here nationwide I resigned from the church on October 12th. I thank the church, the pastors, leaders and all people for all the good times and all help and support in the past.

There is always a time for everything and a travelling evangelist we need to be connected to a wider church or ministry so we can operate all over the USA, not only in Florida. This trip feels like ”the winds of change trip”. The last four years we have only been in Florida but now God has opened up doors so we are going to travel through 13 states. This has never happened before and we thank God for all the new connections and grace to minister at places we never thought we could minister at.

It is never easy to leave home and family for 50 days. I am always very emotional when we leave and it is hard to be away from people you love for such a long time. Still this is something that God has called us to do. When we finally get settle and we start to talk about Jesus things are changing. Of course I am homesick 24/7 and I wish that I could have my wife by my side during our travels. I am so blessed to have my son Sebastian with me and that is just another miracle. This 22 year old boy could have stood up and said; "you were never there for me when I was a child. Go away, I do not want to have anything to do with you!” That would also be right but the thing is that Sebastian has seen the change and what Jesus has done. We love being on the road together and I do not know what I would do without him. The day will come when we settle somewhere on the coast for a longer period in the winter time and my wife will be on board as well. We just take one step at the time and I thank her so much for allowing us to travel over 250 days of the year. She is a godly woman that knows what is going on.

Yesterday we had a wonderful service at a restaurant in Fort Pierce, Florida together with Reach Church. Pastor Dave Sheil was such a positive surprise for us and we feel the winds of change. I really like the concept of having church at a beach bar 9 am on Sunday morning. Lots of people and I liked the statement NO SHIRT NO SHOES NO PROBLEM! Come as you are!

Now we are in Valdosta, Georgia and our trip is continuing through Nashville, Tennesse to Goshen, Ohio we are are ministering at Freedom in the Wind Church Wednesday, October 18th. Saturday and Sunday we are at Victory Biker Church in Flint, Michigan and the first week is over. From there are heading south again and we are going to do Christian TV, minister with the homeless in Houston, Texas and more is to come. We are returning to Lone Star Rally i Galveston, Texas beginning of next month so we are blessed.

IF you want to partner with us or sow into this trip YOU are becoming part of it all and our goal is to reach people with the message of Jesus Christ. Checks within the US can be sent to Victory Biker Church International, 12190 Miller Rd Lennon, MI 48449. Write "Pontus" in the field.

We are making America great again in Jesus name!

God Bless You All!

Pontus J. Back


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