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Borås, Sweden

The anniversary continues!

Borås, Sweden
Borås, Sweden
Borås, Sweden
Borås, Sweden
Borås, Sweden
Edsbyn, Sweden
Söderhamn, Sweden
Söderhamn, Sweden
Falun, Sweden
Enköping, Sweden
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Dear Friends,

This year has started in such a mighty way and we have seen how God has prepared everything. We just returned from our two week trip in Sweden where we had a great time. When I say great it does not necessary mean easy. It takes its toll to travel and be on the road but we love it. We started with a week in Borås where we had several meetings at different places. Saturday, January 28th we had the 10 years anniversary concert at the Pentecostal church of Borås and it was such a wonderful and rockin’ night.

After one week in Borås we drove up north to Edsbyn where we had a meeting as well as a planning meeting for an outreach event this coming summer. From Edsbyn we drove to Söderhamn where we had an absolutely fantastic night in a packed church. Friday night we were in Falun and Saturday night we did our last stop in Enköping. All meetings are so different and thinking back there is nothing we would like to have left undone. We have seen people saved as well as people hear about who Jesus really is for the first time in their lives. We are receiving e-mails from people who are hungry for God and it is our responsibility to answer all mails. We rejoice with each person who gets something from the Lord and the most important of all is that the Gospel is preached so that people can get to know Jesus on a personal level.

Make America Great Again

The world we are living in today is a mess. This means that we need Jesus more and more. America is an interesting nation that we love. I even want to say the we feel more American than Finnish. As all other countries America has been secularised more than ever during the last decade. Now we have to pray for America and bless the new President, Donald Trump. We want to help make America great again but we need Jesus to help us. For nine years
now we have traveled back and forth to our second homeland and now it is time again. We are flying out in a couple of weeks and as God is opening new doors we do not have churches who can help us out financially with offerings at services etc… This time we are counting on reaching thousands of people on five major events; Carlisle Winter Auto Fest in Lakeland, Florida, Lucas Oil Race in Gainesville, Daytona Bike Week 2017, Gatornationals in Gainesville and finally the spring Turkey Rod Run in Daytona Beach.

We are looking forward to get out there and it is amazing how God has gone before and prepared our way by opening doors and platforms for us to share the Gospel to the multitudes of people right there where they are. We are very excited but we have on problem as usual. This is not a business or a regular job. We have laid down our lives to serve the Lord. Raising funds is the hardest part and our fundraiser on-line has not given anything so far. We are in need of funds to be able to fulfil the plan and this is something we believe we can do TOGETHER. When you give a donation you can count on that every cent is being spent on reaching the lost for Jesus. Check our donation page for more information.

We are looking forward to continue to serve our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Yes, the best is yet to come.

God Bless You All!

Pontus & Sebastian Back

Tack alla Ni som var med och tjänade under vår senast resa i Sverige.
Nu är det dags att nå ännu längre ut med budskapet om Jesus och
du kan behändigt stöda missionen genom Simon Ådahls Ev. fond.
Märk betalningen "rockpastorn" eller "Pontus".

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