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Pontus is only using Harley Benton Guitars!

Rockabilly Redneck album cover

Rockabilly Redneck

youth night in Wetzlar
May 1st Nurnberg
May 1st Nurnberg
Musikhaus Thomann
Photosession at Musikhaus Thomann
youth night Nurnberg
Biker Club house
Biker Club house
Zollhaus Biergarten
Zollhaus Biergarten
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Dear Friends,

We are back home in Finland now after our three week tour of Germany. Actually we have been home for a few days and taking it easy while scheduling the rest of the year.

We had a wonderful last week in Germany. From Wetzlar we drove to Klingthal, that is one of our ”homes” in Germany. Definitely our ”home” in former East Germany. We had a ”one night only” meeting at a church in Hammerbrucke and that meeting was one of the highlights of the tour. The church was packed. Not only with believers but also with people who came to hear the message about Jesus Christ and afterwards decided to follow Jesus. To experience one soul making his or her decision to follow Jesus is worth more than everything. As you know we are not counting numbers as this is nothing we do in our own strength. We trust 100% in the Holy Spirit and His power.

From East Germany we drove south again and we managed to take a smaller road through the Czech republic but as it was Sunday and we were not in a hurry we got to see some wonderful scenery.

May 1st it was time for the big gathering of Bikers in Nurnberg. I think it was the fourth of fifth year in a row I played and shared from the very same tractor trailer. This time I had two brothers with me; Rainer on drums and Olli on guitar. We had a great time and we managed to get the message out to thousands of people this 1st of May.

The following day we spent at Musikhaus Thomann and our friend Robin there who is always looking well after us. We also did a photoshoot with the Harley Benton guitars for the record cover of the upcoming album. Yes, a NEW album is coming out and it is coming out soon! It was during our last tour in the US that I realised that Rockabilly is the music that is most played within the Hot Rod scene and that 50’s music might open more doors for us to share the message of Jesus Christ. Therefore we have together with producer and song writer Janne Hyöty started the work on the ”Rockabilly Redneck” album. Some people wonder why it is called ”Rockabilly Redneck”? Well, more people told me my beard does not fit with the Rockabilly haircut and style and watching Duck Dynasty and the bearded rednecks that are wonderful brothers in the Lord we decided to go with ”Rockabilly Redneck” and the title track carries the same title. Listen, the album is scheduled to be out next month, so keep your eyes and ears open as now we are playing chords we never played before.

Before we left Germany we also did a youth night in Nurnberg. We visited a rocker club (biker club) and their club house and did a concert there and our last concert was in a German biergarten on Sunday morning. It was over all a very blessed trip and I want to thank you all who sent us out, invited us and helped us out during these weeks. Together we were the hands and feet of Jesus and lives are forever changed. This is what it is all about.


I had never heard about the place Madagaskar before Pastor Tommy asked me if I could join him on a mega Gospel crusade. I looked it up on the map and saw it is an island east of Africa. I am up to adventures so I decided to do this trip and I am looking forward to work with Pastor Tommy again. As now it looks like I am doing at least one more trip with him to Zambia in June and may be a third one later this summer.

Hot Rod Shows

We are also making the final schedules for the summer events here in Scandinavia. We are going to do some of the major Hot Rod & American Car shows in Sweden this summer. We are hosting Fire Meet in Lidköping during Big Power Meet again and this is exciting. We are still confirming dates and working on the things that need to be in place for us to go out and reach the people on this huge events this summer.

The truth is that without funds it is impossible for us to go anywhere. We have a handful of loyal partners that are partnering monthly but we are in desperate need of more monthly partners. If God lays it on your heart to support us monthly feel free to contact us. Our goal is to find 20 new monthly partners this summer that will donate a minimum of $20. This should be possible and if we manage to get more we can do even more. We do this with a pure heart for Jesus. He have been so good to us so this is the only thing we can do to show our love to Him; to be out there loving other people and reaching them with the message of Jesus Christ through our testimonies and music.

The summer should be here so we wish you a blessed summer!

Pontus & Sebastian Back


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