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Fire Meet, Enköping 2017

On the road again and again

Fire Meet, Enköping 2017
Fire Meet, Enköping 2017
Fire Meet, Enköping 2017
Fire Meet, Enköping 2017
Fire Meet, Enköping 2017
Fire Meet, Enköping 2017
Fire Meet, Enköping 2017
Fire Meet, Enköping 2017
Fire Meet, Enköping 2017
Chingola, Zambia 14.7.2017
Chingola, Zambia 14.7.2017
Chingola, Zambia 14.7.2017
Chingola, Zambia 14.7.2017
Chingola, Zambia 14.7.2017
Chingola, Zambia 14.7.2017
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Dear Friends,

Since I came home from Madagascar I did not have much time to spend with my family. It is the price you have to pay when you burn for serving the Lord. I was home for four days and me and Sebastian did a trip to Enköping, Sweden for this years Fire Meet.

The event was a success. More people than last year and what I heard from the church over 800 portions of food were served. Lots of people came to look at the cool cars and the burn outs. There were live music and BBQ and people seemed to enjoy the day. The day before it was raining but as God was with us we had excellent weather.

The most important thing of all was that people who do not usually visit a church came to church this day and they got to hear the message about Jesus Christ. Thats what it is all about. I heard they estimated that around 80% of the visitors were non christians so it was no like preaching to the choir even if this took place at a church.

Album finished

When we got home from Sweden I did some last recordings on the new Rockabilly Redneck album and it is now in production and will be sent out to those who have pre-ordered it within this month. It became a way better album than I could have imagine when I first received the thought about recording a rockabilly album. Much of these credits goes to my good friend and producer Janne Hyöty. Read more about the album and listen to samples of all the songs HERE!

Back in Africa

This Monday I flew from Vasa to Stockholm and from Stockholm to Addis Abeba, Ethiopia. Four hours later I flew to Ndola, Zambia with a stop in Lumbumbashi, Congo. I was picked up at the airport by the TLM Ministries manager, Rev. Mark Kaoma and we drove to Chingola, Zambia where I am right now.

It was a long flight and I was very tired when I finally arrived last night. Today we have been preparing for the mega Gospel crusade that starts tomorrow and goes on for four nights. It is so different that it has its beauty here. When we came to the crusade ground today a gang of children came running and waving. They were all happy even if none of them had an iPhone, iPad or a Samsung. The children here are really precious and they are really touching my heart. They play with sticks, old car tyres or what ever they find and they sing. I asked them today if they could sing and they started to sing a song. The Pastor who was with me told me they were singing a song that Pastor Tommy Lilja who I am traveling for use to sing during the deliverance part of the meeting. In other words when he is breaking spells and curses, casting out evil spirits and demons.

Here they have something we do not have but we need it. When they have Jesus they have everything they need. I feel that spiritual jealousy come over me when I meet our brothers and sisters here as they are truly depending on the Lord in everything because they have to. We have more than we need and this is why we do not depend on the Lord as much as we should. This is the main reason why we do not see as many miracles in the western world as in the third world. Also there is so many unreached people and tribes here and when Jesus is coming to town and the churches comes together it is pure revival.

Church on Wheels and Power Meet

I will have one week off when I get home mid next week. The following weekend we are traveling to Sweden again. First we are celebrating 10 years anniversary with Church on Wheels in Bjärka-Säby and I am very much looking forward to this. The week after that we have another Fire Meet in the city of Lidköping during Big Power Meet that is considered the biggest American car show in the world. Also there, there are many unreached souls.

What we do is all about reaching souls and how can people believe if we are not out there telling them? It is our mission and we serve the Lord with a grateful heart, even if it is not easy every day. Still God is with us all the time and He is with you as well.

Greetings from Zambia!
God Bless

Pontus J. Back


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