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TLM crusade, Chingola Zambia

There is power in the name of Jesus!

TLM crusade, Chingola Zambia
TLM crusade, Chingola Zambia
TLM crusade, Chingola Zambia
TLM crusade, Chingola Zambia
TLM crusade, Chingola Zambia
TLM crusade, Chingola Zambia
TLM crusade, Chingola Zambia
The trip home
Church on Wheels
Fire Meet Lidköping
Kalajoki 26.7.2017
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Dear Friends,

Last time I wrote I had just arrived in Chingola, Zambia for another mega crusade with Pastor Tommy Lilja. The first days I had a really bad sinus infection. I get these once a year and this one was really bad. The same day as the crusade started I had to go and get some penicillin as I felt really bad. I have experience of this so penicillin is needed to take away the infection but it does not kick in right away.

The first night of the crusade was like an explosion. Never ever have I seen that many people attend the meeting on the first night. Pastor Tommy prayed for the sick and I said to God, I want to receive healing in my sinuses now. I did not feel anything. The following morning when I woke up my sinuses were clean and that smell I had had in my nose was totally gone. I see no other reason why a bad sinus infection goes away that fast than the fact that God healed me. There is power in the name of Jesus

It was one of the greatest crusades I have been on and we saw thousands of people come to Christ. We saw lame people walk, blind people see, deaf people hear… One particular miracle I want to share is a little boy who was deaf since birth. He could not hear. When Pastor Tommy asked the people to raise their hands this little boy raised his hands and he could hear. His mother brought him to the stage to testify the miracle that had taken place. She was crying tears of joy and the boy could hear and he was imitating Pastor Tommy and said almost everything he said. He even spoke Swedish. Such a wonderful miracle that I got to see with my own eyes.

Again I got to spend 7 days in the third world and of course it touched me as always. I have said it before but I say it again. We need what these people have. They have nothing, but when they have Jesus Christ in their lives they have everything. They are depending 100% on Jesus and it works. They joy in the people are on a totally different level than ours. There is power in the name of Jesus.

I returned home last late Wednesday night last week and I have been home for a week now with my family.

Church on Wheels & Power Meet

Tomorrow, Thursday we are traveling to Sweden again. First we are celebrating 10 years anniversary with Church on Wheels in Bjärka-Säby and I am very much looking forward to this. The week after that we have another Fire Meet in the city of Lidköping during Big Power Meet that is considered the biggest American car show in the world. Also there, there are many unreached souls.

What we do is all about reaching souls and how can people believe if we are not out there telling them? It is our mission and we serve the Lord with a grateful heart, even if it is not easy every day. Still God is with us all the time and He is with you as well. There is power in the name of Jesus. We are doing one special event in Finland this summer and this is in Kalajoki, July 26th.

Rockabilly Redneck

The album is now on its way from production so we will have the first copies with us in Sweden. It became a way better album than I could have imagine when I first received the thought about recording a rockabilly album. Much of these credits goes to my good friend and producer Janne Hyöty. Read more about the album and listen to samples of all the songs HERE!

God Bless You All!

Pontus J. Back


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