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Power Big Meet 2017


Church on Wheels meet
Church on Wheels meet
Church on Wheels meet
Church on Wheels meet
Church on Wheels meet
with Mr. Wiking
Power Big Meet 2017
Power Big Meet 2017
Power Big Meet 2017
Power Big Meet 2017
Power Big Meet 2017
Power Big Meet 2017
Power Big Meet 2017
Power Big Meet 2017
Power Big Meet 2017
Power Big Meet 2017
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Dear Friends,

We just arrived home after almost two weeks in Sweden. We had a great time and we really got to minister to people outside the four walls of the church. We started off at Church on Wheels 10 years anniversary at Bjärka Säby, outside the city of Linköping. It has been some years since I visited the event and it was such a precious time. This was also the first time I did the Rockabilly Redneck stuff live and it worked out really good. Saturday night we had many unsaved souls in the tent and I personally believe that nobody left untouched. How can you leave untouched when Jesus is in the house. That is where you meet the power. It was also a milestone for both Church on Wheels and me as they celebrate 10 years as a ministry coming up from the ashes of the old Biker Church and I celebrate 10 years with Jesus so the people got a double portion of everything this weekend.

We spend a few days in Stockholm and worked with Pastor Tommy Lilja for one day. One of our days off I visited an old friend of mine. We visited Mr. Wiking at his home in the beautiful Stockholm archipelago. He was like one of my fathers for many years before I became a christian. He was my mentor in show business and together we worked with artists as The Boppers, Sweet, Slade, Nazareth, Uriah Heep, Boney M, Graaf sisters and many more. It was 19 years since I last visited him. Then with my family and it was right there my twin daughters Jennifer and Jessica learned how to walk. Time flies but I felt it was necessary to hook up with my old friend and we had a wonderful time together.

Power Big Meet 2017

From Stockholm we drove to the city of Lidköping for Power Big Meet 2017. It is considered the largest American car meet in the world. The town was packed with people as they celebrated 40 years anniversary. We worked together with the churches in town and Evangelisationsfonden from Borås. We had a stage in the heart of the city from where we delivered live music three nights in a row with the band from the Swedish west coast. Jukka Mäkikangas on drums, Lennart Elvmyr on bass and Zet Tonmyr on keyboards.

I have done many events over the last years but NEVER have I seen so many people stop by and actually not only listen to the music. They also received the message about Jesus Christ. Without doubt we managed to reach thousands of people during these days and it was such a privilege. We ran into some car issues but we made it home.

Before we left Sweden we were part of the Sunday church service at the local Pentecostal church and the theme was ”meet the power”. The highest power we have is Jesus. He is still the same, yesterday, today and forever. We saw people get touched by our testimonies and the world of God and only God knows the fruit. Sometimes it is discouraging to be out there just planting seeds but all of a sudden God shows you a little bit of fruit and you are encouraged to keep going on. What we do has nothing to do with ourselves. It is all about Jesus and letting as many people know that Jesus loves them. It is when people meet the power when their lives are transformed and the best thing is that Jesus came to give us eternal life. That is really powerful.

Rockabilly Redneck out

We received the Rockabilly Redneck cd:s so it is now out. The official release date is set to August 4th and then it will also be available on iTunes and Spotify. It is a totally different album but I love it. Producer and song writer Janne Hyöty have done such an awesome job. Together with him we managed to get the Hope album out that was delayed and in no time we recorded the rockabilly album. For some reason I have been playing blues in the mornings since we came from Sweden and the next thing is to make a blues album. It is like God is orchestrating everything and as long as Jesus is involved the music will also be powerful as when people listen to the music with the message they will get a revelation and meet the power.

2017 going fast

This year is going really fast. We are already in July. July 26th we are rockin’ in Kalajoki, Finland. I mid august we are planning a shorter tour of Germany before we return to Sweden for some meetings early September. In the middle of September it is time for another trip to Zambia and end of September we are doing a conference in Porvoo Finland together with Lili-Ann and Kari Karppinen. I think we are going to release the power in that city and we want to see people get saved, delivered and healed.

October 15th we are flying to USA for six weeks. We are mostly doing outreach events as before and now we have even a wider set list to present at the different events. Basically this year is fully booked and we are looking forward. The best is yet to come.

As you understand, evangelism costs money and we have had a hard time raising funds to cover our expenses. We are not staying in fancy hotels or flying first class. We travel and live cheap. Most important for us is to reach the lost with the Gospel. Check out our donate page for more information how to support the work we do. TOGETHER we will see more people meet the power; Jesus!

God Bless you all!

Pontus & Sebastian Back


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