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Goshen, Ohio

3000+ miles for Jesus

Goshen, Ohio
Goshen, Ohio
Goshen, Ohio
Goshen, Ohio
Flint, Michigan
Lennon, Michigan
Lennon, Michigan
Lennon, Michigan
Lennon, Michigan
Lennon, Michigan
Memphis, Tennessee
Memphis, Tennessee
Dallas, Texas
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Dear friends,

What an awesome God we have and what an awesome time we have had. Right now we are in Waco, Texas. We drove here from Memphis, Tennessee yesterday. Last time we reported we were in Valdosta, Georgia on our way north. We drove from Valdosta to Nashville, Tennessee and from Nashville to Goshen, Ohio. In Ohio we spent two nights with Brother Gary Cooper and his family. Wonderful people. We thank them so much for their hospitality and support!

Last week Wednesday we had a meeting at Freedom in the wind Biker Church in Goshen, Ohio and we did not really know what to expect on a Wednesday night. It ended up being a great turnout and the youth from Teen Challenge came there as well. It was a wonderful night and we know that the Lord touched people. It was wonderful to meet Pastor Larry Herald and some others we have not seen since we visited them last time five years ago. Brother Gary also showed us how to shoot and the important thing; how to handle a gun.

Miracles in Michigan

From Goshen, Ohio we drove to Flint, Michigan where we spent three nights. Flint is considered the most dangerous town in the USA and you can feel the oppression there. So many homeless people and so many people with drug- and alcohol problems. That area really needs Jesus.

Saturday night we had a meeting at Victory Biker Church in Lennon, Michigan just outside Flint. It was also five years since I visited them last and it was a wonderful night. People came and to me it meant lots to hear from one man that he came to listen to me five years ago and since then he has been in that church. Now he played in their praise band. That is encouragement. We need to hear things like these and when we hear these things we somehow get more power to continue doing what we do.

Sunday morning I preached at their Sunday service and I spoke about restoration in relationships. I know that personally very well as I have seen God restore so many relationships in my life since I decided to follow Jesus. First of all and most important the relationships in my family. I mean it is a big miracle that Sebastian is travelling with me full time today and he is not only my son. He is also my best friend and partner in crime. Yes, we are criminals in the eyes of the devil.

Since I resigned from Fountain of Life Church in Okeechobee, Florida when we got here I also lost my credentials. This is nothing I ask for or this is nothing that I had plan. It was all the Lord talking to Pastor Brian McKay at Victory Biker Church and on Sunday they ordained me as an evangelist out of the church. Now I understand why this trip was set up as it is. I totally understand why we drove up north for only three meetings. What the Lord has done is worth more than we can see with our own eyes.

Now we have everything set up for our ministry over here and we are proud to announce that we are a stretched arm out to the entire USA through Victory Biker Church International. Donations and support can be made through them and it is all already set up so you can be part of what we are doing over here. Evangelism costs money and you who know us know that we do not ask for anything. If YOU want to partner with us you can write a check to Victory Biker Church and write Pontus or Rock Pastor on it and send it to: Victory Biker Church, 12190 Miller Rd, Lennon MI 48449. With more support we can reach even more souls for Jesus and that is why we are here in the first place.

Down south again

From Flint we drove back to the Cooper family and stayed with them one night. From there we drove to Memphis, Tennessee where we did some sightseeing and visited some of the famous places of the life of Elvis Presley. We did not want to pay $80 for the two of us to visit Graceland as Elvis was taken advantage of when he was alive and still is. We just checked it from behind the wall. Elvis was the King of Rock’n Roll but Elvis also knew that there is only one King, the King of Kings, Jesus Christ. It was worth seeing but most important of all is to let people know that Jesus loves them.

Yesterday we drove here to Waco, Texas and today we are driving to Houston, Texas where we will be ministering for one week before it is time for the Lone Star Rally in Galveston, Texas where we will be ministering at the Christian music stage.

So far it has been an awesome trip. We serve a mighty God!

God Bless You All!

Pontus J. Back


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