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Homeless in Houston

Our only hope is in Jesus

Meeting the Wickstrom's
Meeting the Wickstrom's
Vision Celestial TV
Vision Celestial TV
Sanchez family
Bikers for Christ
Bikers for Christ
Homeless in Houston
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Dear Friends,

We made it down to Houston, TX and we had a blessed day in Waco when we met Brother Bo Wickstrom and his wife Debba. We have had contact on Facebook for years and now it was time to meet in person. Bo’s father is originally from Finland and related to the Wickström motor company that is world famous in Vasa, Finland. It was great meeting them. Wonderful people.

From Waco we drove to Houston, TX where we checked in at Brother Cele’s place where we stayed for one week. Last Thursday it was time for an interview with Vision Celestial TV that is a Christian channel that is broadcasted in Houston, San Antonio, Dallas as well as in Texas. We also hooked up with our dear friends, the Sanchez family. They mean lots to us as it was through them we got involved with the Ambassador For Jesus Christ motorcycle ministry in 2008 and we have been close since then. Three years feels like a long time when you don’t meet people that have a special place in your heart.

Last Saturday we had a meeting with Rushing Wind Church, Houston and Bikers for Christ and it was another wonderful night. Monday we ministered to the homeless as we usually do when we are in Houston. I have seen it before but it is always heartbreaking as it reminds me of the third world. On the other side of the road you have downtown Houston with all the glamour and luxury and on the other side of the road 1000 hills ministries are having church and feeding the homeless 7 days a week 365 days a year. The least we can do for these people is to show up and let them know that there IS hope in Jesus. He is actually the only hope we have.

Right now we are in Galveston, TX and today the Lone Star Rally 2017 starts. The rally has grown since we were here last and they are expecting 700 000 people to come to this island this weekend. We are here on a mission from God and we will be at the Christian Music Stage between The Strand and Mechanic Street outside Perez Body shop. We deliver live music, free BBQ and soft drinks.


If you read last report you know that we are now ordained and travel under Victory Biker Church International. As our ministry in the USA is under transition we are in need of monthly partners. We are hoping to raise $8000 before the end of January 2018 in order to be able to return in March and April to continue reaching and preaching. We want to be part of making America great again in Jesus name and it is strange how God is using us over here in a totally different way than back home. Does it matter where souls are being saved? We want to be where God can use us and the testimony of Jesus Christ can be shared.

We have now set up an on-line donation system so YOU can do this TOGETHER with us and you find more information in the side bar or on the donations page. You can also click HERE to make a donation.

Now we are ready for the Lone Star Rally 2017 and we thank you all for your prayers and support!

God Bless You All!

Pontus and Sebastian Back


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