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Saturday Chapel Service

Racers for Christ

10 March 2019
Dear Friends, This journey is one of the best in our soon 11 year history in full time ministry. The first week we got to see something we like to call a mighty harvest and we needed that explosive start I w...Read more

It started like an explosion

6 March 2019
Dear Friends, We have now arrived to sunny Florida and we are so thankful, blessed and amazed right now. When we say that God is good we really mean it. We arrived late Tuesday night and checked into...Read more

After almost three months...

17 February 2019
Dear Friends, After almost three months away from ministry we are on our way out again! God has opened doors and continues to open doors. We are very excited! We are going to be where we want to be, together...Read more

My guitar and Jesus

11 February 2019
Dear Friends, It has been a while since you heard from us. The two months off has been good for us all but financially a disaster. In order to keep ourselves alive we also need to do something. The last two wee...Read more

Faith, Hope and Love USA 2019

22 January 2019
Dear Friends, End of February it is time to get out and share the love of Jesus Christ again. We are on our way on another missions trip to USA! Last time was a hard trip. Mostly because of how hard it is t...Read more

Rock Force One 2019

5 January 2019
Dear Friends, A new year has started and we are excited. While we are having our ”time out” after I gave up during our last missions trip to the USA we have been working on future visions. What I realised ...Read more

Jesus is the reason for the season this year as well

20 December 2018
Dear Friends, It has been wonderful to be home for a while now. We came back home from the USA on Sebastians 24th birthday, December 5th. Since then we have recouped, rested, prayed, worked with some cars a...Read more

Heaven and cool cars

25 November 2018
Dear Friends, We are back in Fort Pierce, Florida after a very happening week. We spent four days at the legendary Daytona International Speedway on the 45th annual Turkey Rod Run. This is the largest car show ...Read more

This is the end or the new beginning

18 November 2018
Dear Friends, Another week has gone and we have had a wonderful week with visits at Freedom Ranch during their recovery evening, another wonderful group at Detox of South Florida and today we were at Reach...Read more
Veterans Day

Homesick again but...

11 November 2018
Dear Friends, Another week is gone and it takes its toll on me to be away from my family. People might think I am a strong person but actually I am very sensitive and emotional. Being away from my lo...Read more

Right is always right! Left can never be right

5 November 2018
Dear friends, After a hectic week in Lake County we drove south to Fort Pierce where we checked in at a house we have been blessed with to use while we are here. Last week we were originally scheduled to...Read more
Teen Challenge


30 October 2018
Dear Friends, Last week was our first full week here in sunny Florida. Well, we are not here for the sun, we are here for the SON. Monday night we ministered to a group of people at Celebrate Recovery in Eu...Read more
With Jerry and Joel

Nothing we can do in our own strength

21 October 2018
Dear Friends, We arrived safe in Orlando, Florida late Wednesday night and went to bed after being up for 24 hours straight. We stayed the first night at brother Tom and his wife Cathy’s house in Eustis, Flori...Read more
It is a privilege to travel with my son, Sebastian

We know our purpose

3 October 2018
Dear Friends, The fall has arrived and the times are getting darker. On a personal level this time of the year has always been very hard for me. Therefore I am extra thankful to God for calling us to travel...Read more

Where are you going?

25 September 2018
Dear Friends, Yesterday we returned from Sweden. We left last week on Wednesday and our first event was at a really cool retro café in Viksjö, Sweden. It was the owners Stefan and Monica who had organ...Read more

Together we are changing lives!

10 September 2018
Today it is 21 days (three weeks) left for our fundraiser. The fundraiser helps us to go and reach the people who really need help. We have confirmed many visits at recovery centers, detox clinics as well as prisons...Read more

Look at the table

7 September 2018
Dear Friends, The last weeks have been totally different. But it is like always when God is up to something we also face trials and tribulations. The sad part is that the body of Christ is so divided that peo...Read more


1 September 2018
Dear Friends, About one month ago I decided to open my heart and write from my heart on the #walkaway campaigns Facebook page. Here is what I wrote: I am not an American citizen but since a little child I ha...Read more
in the garage

Extremely exciting times!

6 August 2018
Dear Friends, It has been a while. Since we returned from Sweden we have had a chance to spend time at home and relax. Our main therapy form while off the road is to work on old cars. We have really got thin...Read more

If I can't talk about Jesus I have nothing to say!

18 July 2018
Dear Friends, End of last week we returned from our three week trip in Sweden. We had a great time and we got to share the good news about Jesus Christ with thousands of people. Again, numbers does not...Read more
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