We are getting excited

11 January 2018
Dear Friends,We are getting more and more excited. It has been some hard and difficult times but for those who love the Lord everything works out for the best! Yesterday we spend the day with my ...Read more
Christmas sermon at the riding school in Vasa

Time to roll again!

5 January 2018
Dear Friends, First of all we want to wish you all a very blessed and happy new year 2018! We are excited about the future. Many things are under planning and right now we are getting prepared for sta...Read more

The One the Son sets free is really free

14 December 2017
Yesterday we got to experience lots of light with snow and sunshine in Sweden. Today back in Finland it is raining, grey and dark. The light does so much! Jesus said that He is the light of the world and it is so...Read more

Mission Accomplished

29 November 2017
Dear Friends, We have now arrived at the airport hotel in West Palm Beach, Florida. It has been a while since we had a chance to write and give an update on the going on’s, but now is a good time as our missi...Read more

God Bless or "God Bless"?

10 November 2017
Dear Friends, We are now back in Okeechbee, Florida from where we left October 14th. Since then we have been driving 5000 miles in our $1200 Cadillac. Once we did a good deal. This car is a keeper and it takes ...Read more
Homeless in Houston

Our only hope is in Jesus

2 November 2017
Dear Friends, We made it down to Houston, TX and we had a blessed day in Waco when we met Brother Bo Wickstrom and his wife Debba. We have had contact on Facebook for years and now it was time to meet in pers...Read more
Goshen, Ohio

3000+ miles for Jesus

25 October 2017
Dear friends, What an awesome God we have and what an awesome time we have had. Right now we are in Waco, Texas. We drove here from Memphis, Tennessee yesterday. Last time we reported we were in Valdosta, Geo...Read more

Winds of Change

16 October 2017
Dear friends, Now we have started our fall missions trip here in the land of the free and home of the brave, United States of America. We left home Thursday morning and we had a long jo...Read more

Wonderful days!

3 October 2017
Dear Friends, We are back at home in Vasa after some wonderful days in Porvoo, southern Finland. We arrived there Wednesday evening and on the way down I had the honor to meet our own legendary guitar luthi...Read more
Solwezi, Zambia

Death is never your friend

20 September 2017
Dear friends, At the moment I am in Solwezi, Zambia on a mega Gospel crusade together with Pastor Tommy Lilja. We just ended the crusade and we are preparing to travel back home. It is amazing to see God mo...Read more
with team Karppinen in Trelleborg

It is hell without Jesus

8 September 2017
Dear Friends, We returned from Sweden on Tuesday. Since then we have taken it easy because of a sinus infection and flu. We are praying that things will be better as next week it is time for another Gosp...Read more

Thankful again

29 August 2017
Dear Friends, It has been a while since we updated the website. The reason for that is simple. We have been more at home this summer than previous summers and it has been very nice. We have also spent time in t...Read more

It is the fruit that counts

2 August 2017
Dear Friends, Since we returned from our last trip in Sweden it has been a battle. We had some dates lined up in Germany but some of the fell apart due to holidays and change of people in different organisa...Read more
Power Big Meet 2017


13 July 2017
Dear Friends, We just arrived home after almost two weeks in Sweden. We had a great time and we really got to minister to people outside the four walls of the church. We started off at Church on Wheels 10 yea...Read more
TLM crusade, Chingola Zambia

There is power in the name of Jesus!

28 June 2017
Dear Friends, Last time I wrote I had just arrived in Chingola, Zambia for another mega crusade with Pastor Tommy Lilja. The first days I had a really bad sinus infection. I get these once a year and this one...Read more

On the road again and again

14 June 2017
Dear Friends, Since I came home from Madagascar I did not have much time to spend with my family. It is the price you have to pay when you burn for serving the Lord. I was home for four days and me and Seba...Read more
Pastor Tommy and Pontus in Antananarivo

The experience of Madagascar

31 May 2017
Dear Friends, I just returned home from another eyeopening journey with Pastor Tommy Lilja. This time was a mega Gospel crusade in Antananarivo, the capitol of Madagascar. I flew there last week Tuesday and mad...Read more
Rockabilly Redneck album cover

Rockabilly Redneck

14 May 2017
Dear Friends, We are back home in Finland now after our three week tour of Germany. Actually we have been home for a few days and taking it easy while scheduling the rest of the year. We had a wonde...Read more

Nazis and youth

27 April 2017
Dear friends, We have now been here in Germany for one and a half week. We left our home in Finland, April 18th and after spending two nights on two different ferries we finally were cruising south in our 19...Read more


17 April 2017
Dear Friends, We have just celebrated the most important thing in history. The death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior. We have had a unique holiday season that started with the funeral of ...Read more
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