God Bless or "God Bless"?

10 November 2017
Dear Friends,

We are now back in Okeechbee, Florida from where we left October 14th. Since then we have been driving 5000 miles in our $1200 Cadillac. Once we did a good deal. This car is a keeper and it takes us safe from point A to point B.

Last time I wrote we had just arrived to Galveston, Texas and we were getting prepared for the Lone Star Rally 2017. We are thankful for our brothers and sisters, Cele and Renia Monreal, Brother Perez and his wife and all who made the christian music stage happening.

It was not an easy time. Hundreds of thousands of bikers all over the city. Lots of noise and in one way the atmosphere was depressing. So much death, so much party and drugs. I pray and hope that we managed to share some of that perfect love that Jesus loved us with first. There were several bands playing on the stage and people stopped by as there were not only live music. There were also free BBQ and drinks (non alcoholic drinks).

We had good talks with people and many people believes in God but has no clue about Jesus Christ. This is a serious problem, especially here in the USA. People believe in God but they do not know Jesus. Will that faith take them to heaven? I mean, I hope so but I would not count on that as the Bible is clear about that God sent His only begotten Son (Jesus Christ) so who ever believes in Him (Jesus) shall get saved and have everlasting life. To me it is clear enough to not take my relationship with Jesus seriously.

I am just a man, a human being. I am far away from perfect and I need Jesus in my life every day. I need the Holy Spirit to correct me, show me where I am weak and where I sin. I need Him to teach me to love others and love Jesus more and more each day. I would not count on having faith just in ”God”. We need to have the word of God, the Bible as a foundation to stand on. It is not just a book. It is the word of God.

This is what we are out here to tell people about. This is the land of saying ”God Bless” but many does not know the meaning of the saying. It has become a saying like when you say ”Hello” to someone. It is time for us to be real. Not religious. We need to tell people everywhere about the difference between having faith in ”God” and in Jesus Christ. It is so important that Jesus Himself said that NOBODY comes to the Father than through me.

A burden that I have on my heart is many of the churches and their agendas. Too many churches fall under the religiosity that is man made. To be out here and tell people about Jesus is not easy if we do not have the right connections to the right churches where people can be themselves. God has a plan for each and everyone of us. It is not the church’s mission to tell who is going to sit down and listen and who are going to do this or that. It is all individual. All included in the personal relationship with Jesus. I am devastated to see so many churches in this country that just meet on Sunday and Wednesday but they do not have a heart for outreach. If a church has no heart for outreach it is also not healthy to bring in new people to one of those churches as most likely that person will be deceived by man made rules and regulations. This is serious stuff as we are not playing a game. We are handling peoples salvation and where they are going to spend their eternity. There are two places, heaven and hell. You can not go to heaven without Jesus and you are going to hell without Jesus. It is that simple and we have to stop playing the nice, sophisticated church where all has to fit in. It is time for us Christians to start loving one another and those on the outside. How can we reach them if we do not love them?

Now we have two weeks when we are working with people with alcohol- and drug related problems. It is not easy but if someone had not worked with me when I was there I would not be here. The truth is that I would be in hell. Me and my son, Sebastian want to do our best to let people know about Jesus and that we can be free. The one the Son (Jesus) sets free is free indeed.

We are ending this trip with doing outreach with Team RFC at the Daytona Turkey Rod Run in Daytona Beach during the thanksgiving weekend. That is also hard. People come there with one thing in their mind; mammon. They think about cars and money. These people are often harder to reach out too as they think they have everything when they do not have any financial problems. Well, money can’t buy you a ticket to heaven.

This trip has been over our expectations so far. We have even broke even financially half way. Now we just have three more weeks and we are currently $2300 short for the rest of this journey. It is just a miracle that we have made it so far but God has sent people our way who believes in what we do. We keep it simple and focus on Jesus. We also believe that this is something we are doing TOGETHER.

We are serving under Victory Biker Church International today and we have all set up so that YOU can be part of reaching the lost for Jesus. First of all we need to make the three last weeks. After that we are looking to raise $8000 before the end of January 2018 in order to be able to return in February and March to continue walking through the doors that God is opening. Actually it is amazing how doors are opening right now. Lets do this together! You can make a one time donation or become a monthly partner through Victory Biker Church International by clicking HERE.

Keep us in your prayers! We take our mission seriously, even if we do use humor as well. We can not be anything we are not created to be. We can only be ourselves and that is when Jesus can use us and let His light shine on this dark world. Remember to be yourself and do NOT let anyone else than Jesus change you!

God Bless you All!

Rev. Pontus J. Back





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