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The One the Son sets free is really free

14 December 2017

Yesterday we got to experience lots of light with snow and sunshine in Sweden. Today back in Finland it is raining, grey and dark. The light does so much! Jesus said that He is the light of the world and it is so true. I can only stand on the word of God, my own experiences and the mustard seed of faith I received as a gift the day I accepted the light, Jesus into my life.

Looking at what everything looks like, the grey and the dark, the situation and the circumstances I know that I am free today. Before I used to try to find the light in the bottle but what looked like a light was just a big lie.

Christmas is coming up and it used to be a time of heavy drinking. Today I am free and this christmas will be the 11 sober and clean christmas and I can not thank God enough for everything HE has done.

The one the Son sets free IS free indeed! If Jesus could do it in my life He can and wants to do it in YOUR life. It does not matter what you are going through. What matter is where you are going to. Yesterdays drive in the beautiful landscapes reminded me of heaven. Heaven and hell are real places and the song "Everybody wants to go to heaven but nobody wants to die" comes to my mind. I am sure none of us wants to go to hell. Jesus is the only one who can open the door to heaven and the only one who can save us and give us eternal life.



This month we are off, recovering from a very happening year. Looking back it has most likely been the best year so far in our time of ministry. This year I celebrated 10 years since I truly gave my life to the Lord and since Jesus set me free. The coming year we celebrate 10 years of ministry and we know that the best is yet to come.

We have seen how new doors and territories are opening up year after year. We have also seen doors close as well as our own decisions to take distance from different things. It is all a process like building a house. We have the foundation and the walls. We have been working and are working hard on the roof. Some of the constructions have been rotten so we have had to replace them and some we constructed in a wrong way ourselves. Now it looks like we have removed the bad constructions and we are continuing building.

Next year we are starting off in Sweden end of January and early February. End of February and March we are planning to do our next trip to the USA and end of April and the two first weeks of May we are in Germany. The summer we are scheduling to rock for Jesus in Scandinavia.


As we are approaching the new year we hope that YOU want to build together with us. Of course we are not building a house as I wrote. That was an illustration of our ministry. We are just one part of the body of Christ building the Kingdom of God. Our goal is to see more souls saved. More lives transformed and more disciples made. We are different than other ministries as we do not really look at numbers. May be that is why God has opened many doors where we sit with a small group of people at a recovery program somewhere in the USA or Germany. Or speaking to a handful of young people somewhere. We do mix the gift of music with live music at events and we go out where the people are.

2018 is a challenge. The first two months we have a budget of $2000 to do what we have planned. For the mission America trip in March we have a goal to reach $8000 and for the German dates we are looking at reaching $2500. This makes a total of $12500 for the first half of the year and we are two people doing this full time. Not as a job or work. This is our life.

IF YOU feel that you want to be part of this please visit our donation page. For donations in the USA click HERE.

We wish you a Blessed CHRISTmas and a joyful New Year 2018

Evangelist Pontus J. Back &

servant Sebastian Back



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