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Christmas sermon at the riding school in Vasa
Christmas sermon at the riding school in Vasa

Time to roll again!

5 January 2018
Dear Friends,

First of all we want to wish you all a very blessed and happy new year 2018! We are excited about the future. Many things are under planning and right now we are getting prepared for starting traveling around preaching the Gospel again after being off for one and a half months. I had the privilege to hold a Christmas sermon at Hubertus riding school here in Vasa, Finland the night before Christmas eve. It was the first time I had the honor to bless both people and horses. It was a very special moment and we both liked it.

Christmas and New Year we have spent at home with our family and we have enjoyed the time together. I have to be honest and say that when I am in one spot too long I do not feel that good. I believe God put that fire in my heart when He raised my up from my deathbed 11 years ago. I am longing to get out there and talk to people about Jesus again.

Yes, 11 years! January 3rd it was 11 years since I visited the church when they then welcomed me with open arms. I was then in really bad shape. I was a dying man. That night changed my life. I had accepted Jesus into my life one year earlier but now it was time to give my life and everything in His hands. That night 11 years ago these precious people prayed for me and since that night I have not had any drugs or alcohol. I had tried to quit so many times in my own strength but nothing did work. As I wrote last time it is a fact that the one the Son sets free is free indeed. Back then could never have imagined me as a minister of the Gospel but Jesus has His unique ways to save us, heal us, restore us and make us fishers of men.

As you see of the picture I was not in good shape at all and this picture is taken AFTER I came home from the hospital after spending one month there. Here I was still paralysed from my back to my toes and I had a little bit of yellow color left around my face. Before that I was all dark yellow. If you look at my hair it was gray with a little bit of purple. This was just because all my inner organs were shutting down. As you understand I would not be here if it was not for Jesus. I am so thankful and I can not thank God enough for giving me a totally new life.

If Jesus can do things like this in my life. Imagine what He can do in your life! Even if it feels hopeless and there is no hope, remember that nothing is impossible for God. Never give up on Him. Pray and search His face. He has promised to draw closer to us when we draw closer to Him

We are now also starting God’s Garage and this is something we are going to do while we are home. It is not the ordinary garage, it is more than that. We do not only fix small things on cars, we also fix peoples lives in Jesus name. The idea of the concept is to help people who need their car but can’t afford to take it to a normal service place. We are also doing this as a corporation that Sebastian is running to raise funds for our ministry. That has never been easy and this year we have lots of challenges, especially the financial challenges.

As you see we have now launched the new website. It has some new features. For example you can watch all episodes of On the road with the Rockin’ Reverend on this site. We are soon adding the Life in Him episodes as well so that we will have all on this webpage. We want to thank our brother Linus Mickelsson at Magnic Oy for his support and help. He is the one to contact when you need solutions for the internet.

Now it is time to roll again. We are starting off in Sweden end of January and early February. End of February and March we are planning to do our next trip to the USA and end of April and the two first weeks of May we are in Germany. The summer we are scheduling to rock for Jesus in Scandinavia.


2018 is a challenge. The first two months we have a budget of $2000 to do what we have planned. For the mission America trip in March we have a goal to reach $8000 and for the German dates we are looking at reaching $2500. This makes a total of $12500 for the first half of the year and we are two people doing this full time. Not as a job or work. This is our life.

IF YOU feel that you want to be part of this please visit our donation page. For donations in the USA click HERE.

We wish you a blessed New Year 2018!

Evangelist Pontus J. Back &

servant Sebastian Back



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