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We are getting excited

11 January 2018

Dear Friends,

We are getting more and more excited. It has been some hard and difficult times but for those who love the Lord everything works out for the best!

Yesterday we spend the day with my old childhood friend and musical partner since 1982, John J. Kulju! He is working on a local music store and we went to visit Nordsound in Esse, Finland to take a closer look at their inventory. It is such happy news that Botnia Music in Vasa will carry the Nordsound products in the future.

The exciting thing is that we have decided to sit down and write some new material together. The first song "Finnish what you started" is under work and of course our band Rubbish Brothers will change as we have changed over the years. It was in 1995 on a tour with Whitesnake guitarist Micky Moody we started the band and it was actually Moody who came up with the name Rubbish Brothers. What touches my heart most is that the new material will carry a message. I have changed since back then and I have met Jesus. I am not ashamed of the Gospel and I will sure share my life also when I am playing together with John J. Kulju as The Rubbish Brothers. It is not going to be a christian, bible bashing band. We want to do secular gigs and therefore be able to share the faith, hope and love that comes with Jesus.

PJB Ministries became Rockpastor Ministries

January 9th we took another step to another level and PJB Ministries became Rockpastor Ministries and God's Garage is also registered as a corporation. All to make it easier in the future to be able to also do business in order to raise funds for our missions like the "Apostle Paul model".

We are also getting new connections in Canada that we are so thankful for. Inspiration and encouragement comes from the Lord. A God's Garage will also start up in Canada and who could have thought all this a few weeks back? This is how God works! He is building His church and the excitement factor is getting higher and higher each day now.

Now it is time to roll again. We are starting off in Sweden end of January and early February. End of February and March we are planning to do our next trip to the USA and end of April and the two first weeks of May we are in Germany. The summer we are scheduling to rock for Jesus in Scandinavia.


2018 is a challenge. The first two months we have a budget of $2000 to do what we have planned. For the mission America trip in March we have a goal to reach $8000 and for the German dates we are looking at reaching $2500. This makes a total of $12500 for the first half of the year and we are two people doing this full time. Not as a job or work. This is our life.

IF YOU feel that you want to be part of this please visit our donation page. For donations in the USA click HERE.

We wish you a blessed New Year 2018!

Evangelist Pontus J. Back &

servant Sebastian Back



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