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People need Jesus

2 February 2018
Dear Friends,

We are now back home in Finland after 10 days of ministry in Sweden. You who have been following us know that we started at the annual motorcycle exhibition in Gothenburg, Sweden where we were able to reach thousands of people together with Church on Wheels. That was an amazing time and I just felt that the Lord laid it on my heart to expose different things that are going on within the christianity so that those who not yet believe shall not be confused.

Many people have asked me why there are two different ministries serving and giving out bibles at the same exhibition, and don’t we believe in the same Jesus? It is not as simple as people think when there are two different ministries working in two different ways. One of them are handing out Bibles to raise numbers of Bibles in order to raise money. Basically it is more about the money than it is about the Lord and this is sad. It is also sad to see so many of their Bibles laying in the trash and on the floor on the exhibition. I know that God gave us wisdom so that we could use it when we need it.

Working with Church on Wheels is different. They do not force anything on anyone. They are there for the people and they have a stand with Bibles so those who want one can take one if they so wish. It has nothing to do with numbers or how many Bibles were given away. More important is that the Bibles are going to the right address. More about this to come later on. As I see it right now things has to be brought up in the light as the truth will always come in the light.

Working with people in need

The second week we had the privilege to work with people in need. Those are the ones that Jesus came for. People who need a Lord and Saviour. He did not come for the righteous.

We visited several places where we got to minister to homeless people and people with alcohol and drug related problems. It was a wonderful time and we actually saw God do miracles. This is what we want to do and this is what we have dedicated our lives to; to tell people about Jesus but not to scare them away. Instead we pray the hell out of them behind their backs.

We ended our tour with doing a TV commercial for the company Solar Plexius who are making sun protection for car windows in a very unique and great way. What could be better than to sing Amazing Grace in a commercial like that?


Now we are on the road again and we will have a busy fall! End of February and March we are planning to do our next trip to the USA and end of April and the two first weeks of May we are in Germany. The summer we are scheduling to rock for Jesus in Scandinavia.


2018 is a challenge. The first two months we have a budget of $2000 to do what we have planned. For the mission America trip in March we have a goal to reach $8000 and for the German dates we are looking at reaching $2500. This makes a total of $12500 for the first half of the year and we are two people doing this full time. Not as a job or work. This is our life.

IF YOU feel that you want to be part of this please visit our donation page. For donations in the USA click HERE.

We wish you a blessed New Year 2018!

Evangelist Pontus J. Back &

servant Sebastian Back



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