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A powerful start!

5 March 2018
Dear Friends,

It is now one week since we left home for our ”On a mission from God” tour here in the USA. We had some issues with the flights as first the flight from Amsterdam to Stockholm was delayed and then there was a snowstorm in Stockholm that delayed our connection even more. We missed our connection from Amsterdam to Atlanta so we had to stay one night at a airport hotel in Amsterdam. We were re-booked on another flight the following day and made it safe to Orlando, Florida where we were picked up by Team RFC Chaplain Tom Ratliff who took good care of us.

It all went fast as we started with a delay. All of a sudden we had our first meeting at Chapel in the woods, a cowboy church in Vero Beach. I decided to do as I used to do before and do an acoustic meeting and I am so blessed that I did. It has been on my heart lately to do more acoustic music and this was confirmation. The presence of Jesus was tangible and He touched people. People who needed hope in their life situations. It was a wonderful church and we are looking forward to visit them again next time we are back in the area.

Thursday morning we did a recovery center in Port St. Lucie and it was something very special. I shared my life and most important of all what Jesus has done in my life and what He has done for all of us. Something happened and all of a sudden we entered into a presence of God and I could see Jesus touch people deep on the inside. People were weeping and when we ended with the sinners prayer and prayed for a changed life everybody joined the prayer. This is unique. Usually I only hear a few voices whisper but here they prayed and they meant it. I am not into numbers as I can not know. Only God knows but I would not be surprised if ten people gave their lives to the Lord that morning. It was a holy moment and we rejoice with those who rejoice.

We also cry with those who cry. There is a desperate need for Jesus in peoples lives and people are struggling. We thank God for the open doors to these recovery centers and we pray for the brothers and sisters working there. God has placed them there for a reason and these people need spiritual mothers and fathers. They need people they can trust so they can be connected with local churches and get discipled. Jesus told us to do disciples and it is an important part of the chain that starts when you surrender your life in the hands of the Lord.

We met some old friends and partners over the days as well as visited a Finnish festival in Lake Worth. Sunday morning we had church with Reach Church and Pastor Dave Sheil at Archies in Fort Pierce. A very unique church set up at a restaurant by the ocean. It was the same day as Hogg Wild when thousands of bikers were entering the town. We had a great time and again we got to see Jesus in action.

We are just vessels on a mission from God. We can not do anything else than share what Jesus lays on our hearts. So far we have had a wonderful time with Jesus and I do not think we could have had a better start on a tour than this.

Now we are entering into our second week here. On the schedule we have recovery centers, a prison and this coming weekend a race event together with Team RFC in Gainesville. We are excited, hope you are excited as well.

Thank you all for your prayers and your support! Four more weeks to go and we trust that the Lord will meet all our needs. Right now we have faith for it and we are giving 100% to the people who need to hear about the Jesus we know. The Jesus who we read about in the Bible!

God Bless You All!

Pontus J. Back
and Sebastian Back

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