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The beginning of a new era

4 April 2018
Dear Friends,

Mission accomplished! We are back at home in Finland and we are still recovering from our 24 hour travel time together with the seven hour time change.

The last week was off the hook. Monday evening we were invited to minister at a Celebrate Recovery evening in Eustis, Florida. It was held at Northland Church. It was a wonderful evening with many talks with people right there. People in life situations where there is a big need of our Lord Jesus Christ. We were really blessed that this took place. It was all because God first connected us with Brother David Douglas from His Powerhouse and then we got in contact with Ronnie Sexton and Joe Heagy. All this nothing we had planned on but something that God orchestrated. We are looking forward to meet and work together with these people in the future again.

Wednesday we drove down to Okeechobee where we stayed for three nights. Easter Thursday and Good Friday we were ministering at the Finnish Pentecostal Church of Lake Worth. On the way there we spotted Air Force One again and it was such an experience to see this so close. Very impressive. We always pray for the president of the United States of America.

Going to the Finnish Pentecostal Church was something else. I had things on my mind and I realise today that it was the enemy trying to force my mind to just feel miserable. I use to say that we drive fast through Lake Worth if we pass as there are too many Finnish people. Now we were welcomed with open arms and with such love. I need to change my mindset and I am so glad that it all went over my expectations. We had two wonderful easter services with tears shed and lots of joy. We met more people we are looking forward to work with in the future. I mean God has His ways and a good sense of humor.

We also met a very wonderful and special brother, John Thomkins. We visited One Fire in Eustis and they really have a cool church concept going on. We met a couple of times with Brother John and on Sunday we visited his home church, One Church in Longwood. It was a good time and very positive vibes about so many things. We are looking forward to hook up with John and his team again when we return in the fall.

The whole trip in a few words!

We were away from home for five weeks. We had great financial struggles but we made it. Our car broke down the last week and our last funds went to towing and renting another car to take us back up to Eustis.

Thinking back at the whole trip it was such a blessing. The first week started out with a harvest. We saw more people saved during that week than we have seen on the past journeys over there. We had been praying for a sign from God if it is His will that we continue to expand our ministry over there and we take this as a sign.

We did several events such as Lucas oil race and Gatornationals on the Gainesville Raceway together with Team RFC. It was great as usual to set up our gear and have a concert in the night and chapel in the morning. We played with wonderful brothers at Daytona Bike Week and we were at the Daytona Spring Rod Run again.

New doors were opened as you just red. Doors we never could imagine open up for us. We are in a totally new position now when we start to plan our next trip in the fall as we have new people to work with. New churches and new ministry contacts. I do not know if I can be more excited. During the entire trip we have been encouraged by people meeting Jesus Christ and accepted His invitation to follow Him. This is why we do what we do. He died for us and we live for Him.


We are going to be home for two weeks before it is time for our almost one month long tour of Germany. We have dates set up and we are excited. We are still finding a way to get more bookings for the dates May 4th to May 8th as we are not going there to have days off. We are going there to serve the Lord.

We are also in an urgent need to print more of the Rockabilly Redneck album as we are out of those. Those are a good help for us when we visit churches and we do sell some. The fact is that we give away more than we sell but again this is something we do for the Lord. We give away these to people who would not buy anything in the first place and we believe that it is a blessing to give.

Free CD with a bold message

During our days in the USA I felt the Lord talk to me about making a compilation of songs from all the four past cd:s and make a FREE CD with a bold message. It would be a ministry tool and it would start with a short introduction before the music. There would be a short story between every song and at the end there would be a prayer. This is the way we want to present Jesus to those who don’t yet believe and also encourage those who are going through hard times in their lives right now.

We shoot you straight. We are broke but blessed. The total need right now for CD production is around $5000 and for that amount we would get 10 000 CD:s that would be give aways as well as 1000 Rockabilly Redneck cd:s that would help us while we are on the road.

We are looking for a few sponsors so we can do this. We believe this is something that can have a great impact on people we meet on the road. Two weeks until our German trip and then the summer is here with lots of car and bike related events. Please share our thoughts with your friends and maybe we can find a company or business who would like to be part of this. More information about this upon request mail us at

We also have two cars under restoration that we hope to be able to finish and sell in order to raise funds for our coming trips. Stand with us in prayers and we believe this is something we can do TOGETHER!

At last we want to thank you all for praying for us and supporting us this far. A special thank you to Tom and Cathy Ratliff for taking such good care of us during our days in Eustis and for such wonderful hospitality. We love you!

We feel this is the beginning of a new era and that we are going to see great things in the future.

God Bless You All!

Pontus & Sebastian Back



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