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HAPPY 4th of July

4 July 2018
Dear Friends,

First of all I would like to wish all my American brothers, sisters and friends a blessed fourth of July! America has been on my heart since I was a little kid. It started when I saw Elvis Presley on TV. Since 2008, after I became a Christian I have had the privilege to visit the United States of America at least twice a year and I have to say that I have America in my heart. I love the country, the people and my dream is to become a snowbird one day and spend the winters down south.

It is sad to see things taking place in America today. There are groups of people that are showing pure hatred (evil) to others because of the disability to agree to disagree. The Bible is clear with that if we call ourselves Christians or followers of Christ we shall pray for our authorities. For 500+ days I have seen wonderful things happen in America and my personal opinion is that the 45th President is doing so much good. Just because I want to know facts, I have followed and listened to first hand sources and when I compare the truth with what we hear through the media it is like two different stories. It seems like that it does not matter what the President is doing, he is getting attacked for everything and even for things that are not even on the map of truth. I would not consider myself a christian if I shared the lies and hatred that has being spread. We are called to love and support each other and as I earlier mentioned we shall pray for our authorities..

During the eight years of President Obamas administration we did not see what we see today. There were no protests, no threats to kidnap members of the administrations children. There were no politicians who raised their voices and spoke for attacking the President. Here is where I see the huge difference between the republicans and the democrats. My personal advice to the democrats is to calm down and let the President do what he does the best. Without President Trump many things would never have taken place and most likely it would have been against the law to wear a cross or for a church to have a cross on their property if the other party had won the election. God had his hand upon this thing and it is interesting to listen to old prophecies from the 80’s where it was said that Donald Trump is going to turn America back to Jesus. I can see it happening and I can see it from the other side of the world.

With these words I would like to wish all Americans a blessed fourth of July!

Church on Wheels Meet 2018

Right now we are in Sweden an it is about one week since we left home. Last weekend we spent together with our brothers and sisters from Church on Wheels at the new castle in Bjärka-Säby. It was a three day event with fellowship, bbq and the evening services. We had a wonderful time together and once again it was a privilege to be part of the team and take care of the music.

Power Big Meet 2018

Right now we are in Lidköping, Sweden where the largest American Car Meet is taking place this weekend. It starts tomorrow. People from all over Europe are coming here in their American cars. We came in our 1973 Buick Century Luxus Wagon made in Flint, Michigan USA. Tomorrow we are building the stage and for three nights we are going to deliver music with a bold message of faith, hope and love to the people. We are here on a mission from God. Last night we visited a youth camp outside town and it was wonderful to speak to the youth.

Next week we are still in Sweden and on Wednesday, July 11th we are on another Classic Car event in Viksjö outside the city of Sundsvall.

We wish you all the best and please remember us in your prayers!

God Bless You All!

Pontus J. Back




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