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Big Power Jesus Meet

8 July 2018
Dear Friends,
This week has been off the hook and we have had a great time at Power Big Meet in Lidköping, Sweden. Power Big Meet (sometimes shortened "Power Meet") is the world's largest classic car show held in Lidköping, Sweden, for American cars (especially those from the 1950s and 1960s). It is held each summer during the first weekend of July and is a major event for people who hold an interest for old American cars from all over the world. While initially held Friday to Sunday, it has been changed to Thursday to Saturday.

Power Big Meet is one of the biggest car events in the world. Every year between 55 and 75 thousand people visit Power Big Meet to look at other and show their own cars.

The Power Big Meet began in 1978, and celebrated its largest crowd on record ever in 2007 during its 30th gathering.

During the Power Big Meet 2004 the police reported that an estimated 12,000 cars had participated in the festivities, breaking all previous records. During 2014 17,000 cars participated and 200,000 visitors showed up. The 2017 Power Big Meet in Lidköping drew approximately 22,000 automobiles

We were located in the heart of the city and had a very good set up. I felt awesome that all churches in the city were involved in the outreach during these days. We had a big stage with a professional sound system. We had lots of joy playing and sharing the good news. The sound engineer did an excellent job and the people from the churches served free coffee to the people. We had received Bibles from Church on Wheels that were given away. Best of all was the talks with different people between the sets and we also got to pray for people.

During the days I really saw that when we come together as the body of Christ, things are happening. Pastors and leaders were there serving as everybody else not thinking they were more ”holy” than anybody else. I have seen it so many times now and I made a statement that a pastor or leader who does not want to have anything to do with people is like a car without engine.

We are happy but a little bit tired after being on the road. It takes its toll too play several sets of music and share the love of Jesus for three days in a row. Especially when people from other places are desperately trying to get help but it is hard to help when you are far away. This is where the so called pastors are needed. I understand if a pastor is on holiday but during that time there should be someone responsible who can pick up the phone and help those in need. We are not playing church, we ARE the church and we can not play with peoples lives. It is a battle between life and death and peoples lives are in our hands. I am glad that I do not have the calling to be a shepherd of a congregation. Still I have a big responsibility to guide people into the churches and honestly I am getting tired of the situation in my hometown. There is not a single church where I can send an unsaved people without having to fear that they will be hurt or scared away. Sad but true! The church has gone so far from what God wanted it to be. Together we can do better and the churches in Lidköping, Sweden are a good example of how to work together. It was an honor working with them and their way of taking care of things made me hopeful.

We are still in Sweden and on Wednesday we are playing and sharing at another cruise event in Viksjö outside Sundsvall. After that we are returning home.

Thank you all who have been working with us on this trip. It was been a riot and we have seen Jesus in action! We want to see more of this!

God Bless You All!

Pontus J. Back




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