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If I can't talk about Jesus I have nothing to say!

18 July 2018
Dear Friends,

End of last week we returned from our three week trip in Sweden. We had a great time and we got to share the good news about Jesus Christ with thousands of people. Again, numbers does not matter to us. We have realised that our ministry is an outreach ministry and we are planting seeds where ever we go. There are absolutely NO place where we are going to keep our mouth shut about Jesus. People beg us to come and give my life story about how drugs, alcohol and opioids destroyed my life, but they ask me to not talk about Jesus or my fait on Him. If I can’t talk about Jesus I have absolutely nothing to say.

On our way to Viksjö, Sweden where we had our last event we visited our sister Lisbeth at her home. She is an elderly lady with a strong prophetic gift. She has been a big part of our ministry ever since we started in 2008. Then she told us to look globally. Personally I was thinking about becoming a youth pastor or something similar in a little village outside my hometown Vasa but God had another plan. Today we are living in what God told sister Lisbeth in 2008 and again during our meeting she confirmed things that has been on my mind..

I wrote about it last time and it is the so called ”church”. She had also been pondering about ”what is the church?” We both came quickly to the conclusion that we are the church. Not so long ago she visited our garage a Sunday afternoon with sister Mariana, another of our great prayer warriors. We pondered about the same things there and then. Lisbeth said then; this is the church. We just sat and had fellowship with some coffee and sausages talking about Jesus and His Kingdom.

Our last event in Viksjö was a great example of how we are the church without people connecting us with the church as a building or so called ”congregation”. Our brother Stefan Hagman is running a food and retro restaurant that brings you back in time. People stop to visit this place from all over the world as it is unique. He has been working hard together with his family to build it up and it is not what many people call ”church”. It is a retro restaurant with a memorabilia and a speed shop. BUT when people come there they experience something special; peace. That is where the church is, where we believers talk to people about Jesus and sowing seeds in their hearts. This revelation is just so amazing.

Dusting off the bass

The last two months I have been working on a couple of support songs for President Trump. Sorry folks but I see through all the fake news and all the people who hate without having any clue about why they hate. The Bible tells us to pray for our leaders and support them. I want to do so. Even if I am not an American citizen my heart is in the USA and it feels like the President of the United States of America is also my President. May God Bless him and his administration.

While working in the studio I called up keyboard player Mikko Rintanen as I needed his skills on the songs. He offered me a gig this coming Saturday in his band as a bass player and I said yes. It was funny as two days before I had shared my heart on my Facebook page and had the thoughts of returning to a touring secular rock musician playing secular music. Why would this be impossible? I just see the opportunities to share Jesus with the people even on a bigger platform. I also have to make a living and get food on the table for my family. We see how it goes on Saturday and I am quite excited. I know God wants to tell me something with this but that I will know more about after Saturday nights gig at a local bar/club.

Back to the USA

Our plan is to return to the USA October 17th and stay there until the beginning of December. We have some stuff booked already and we are excited about new doors opening up to recovery centers and youth facilities. As I have said before this is not a job. It is not a work. We do our best to raise funds in order to be able to do this as missionaries. Now we are starting our fundraiser for the USA fall tour 2018 and the remainder that we need to raise is $6000. That covers most of our expenses and we do this because we have seen the greatest miracles happen in the USA. We see people receive Jesus in their lives. We see people healed and delivered from drugs and alcohol. We see young people find the purpose for their lives. It is just amazing to be a little tool in God’s toolbox and He has opened up doors in the USA. We need your help and we hope this is something we can do TOGETHER!

We still have dates available and right now we are open for dates in Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma, Ohio, Michigan and of course Florida. Mail us for more information! This will be awesome! He died for us! We live for Him!

God Bless You All!





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