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Jesus is the reason for the season this year as well

20 December 2018
Dear Friends,

It has been wonderful to be home for a while now. We came back home from the USA on Sebastians 24th birthday, December 5th. Since then we have recouped, rested, prayed, worked with some cars and made future plans.

We have to tell you how our trip ended. We got to have a meeting at St Andrews Church in Lake Worth, FL with Pastor Mia Hagman. It was a wonderful afternoon and we met some great people there as well. Jesus was present. The day before we left we visited another group of mostly young people at Rehab of South Florida. We did what we always do, talk, play, sing and pray. This was our last day in the USA and we could not have got a better ending. After the testimony was delivered with some music from the road the presence of Jesus entered the room. We love when these things happens and we needed it as well. All in the room could feel the peace. Not everyone knew what it was but to tell them it is the reality of Jesus Christ is just so powerful in a moment like that. That day, the very last day we saw more people give their lives to the Lord and right there right then we both felt that this is our calling. This is what we have to continue to do. We can not give up working with those who need help with addictions and other problems that our family also has gone through with the help of Jesus Christ.

Next year we have some EXCITING NEWS! We are returning to USA end of February to early April. End of April to early May we are returning to Germany and for the summer we are going to… We will tell more about our new project for the summer. We promise you it will be a rockin’ summer in Jesus name but not religious at all.

With this short report we would like to thank you all who have partnered, helped us out and prayed for us during this year and wish you a wonderful and blessed Christmas. Jesus is the reason for the season!

God Bless You All!

Pontus & Hannele,
Sebastian, Jennifer, Jessica and
Jeanette Back
Rockpastor Ministries rf.



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