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Terry Mason's Hot Rod Show

This man was a blessing in my life at a car show in Florida in Lakeland, The Fall Florida AutoFest. As you know I had lost my wife Scotty and I was trying to carry on.

I had recommended to the promoter that we do an hour of Elvis gospel on Sunday morning the last day of the show. The promoter liked the idea, I also suggested that he find someone to give a devotional at the end of the music as a blessing to the cruisers as they prepared to head home.

On Saturday this rough looking guy that spoke broken English came by and introduced himself as the guy that was going to do the devotion. He also wanted to tie into my system with his guitar and told me instead of 5 minutes, it would be 15-20 minutes. I was not impressed, I judged the guy and feared some guy that can't speak good English and was going to talk that long was going to be a disaster, but I went along and held my breath. Boy was I wrong on all accounts. Pontus gave his testimony and starting playing the guitar and I was blown away. Doctors had told him his organs were all failing, his time on earth was short and they had done all they could do for him, he was terminal! Listen to this brief version of his testimony and be blessed. I found out Pontus had toured with members of Molly Hatchet and Whitesnake. I was so wrong about him and received such a blessing from him and his testimony. We are friends for life! I asked him to forgive me! Bless you brother and your mission in life!






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