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Since 2007 when Pontus received his calling from Jesus, Himself on his deathbed, Pontus has been sharing his life story with others all over the world. PJB Ministries is based upon the ministry of Reverend Pontus J. Back and the vision is to reach as many as possible with the good news about Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior.
Pontus is also an ordained minister out of Fountain of Life Church in Okeechobee, Florida as well as a Chaplain for Team RFC (Racers & Rodders for Christ) that is part of the Christian Motorsport International family of ministries. He has his own TV program Life in Him that has been broadcasted on TV7 and TV7 plus in Finland as well as on Himlen TV7 in Sweden. In September 2016 Pontus decided to broadcast the TV programs only on YouTube and on Facebook as the vision is to reach as many as possible with the good news about Jesus Christ.

In August 2016 Pontus finished the work of his third christian rock album HOPE. This one goes into the books of rock and roll history. Pontus is playing together with his old friends such as John Coghlan (Status Quo), Dave Hlubek (Molly Hatchet), Pete Rees (Gary More) and Jukka Tolonen to name a few. As the album is released Pontus will be touring under the new ”brand” THE ROCKIN’ REVEREND PONTUS J. BACK.

His life story and his message has touched people WORLD WIDE. He is born to travel and together with his ministry partner, Sebastian Back, his own son they travel over 200 days of the year. The vision is to do less church meetings and do more outreach. The Rockin’ Reverend and PJB Ministries are visiting prisons, youth facilities, rehabilitation homes for alcohol- and drug addicts. They are attending different festivals, car and motorcycle events.

- There is no place you can’t reach souls for Jesus! We preach all the time! If we need we use words. Our music and cars are excellent tools to reach the people, says Pontus J. Back



Pastor Tommy Lilja - Founder & Leader, TLM Ministries

"In a unique way, Pontus is reaching the sinners at the very bottom of our society. Criminals, drug addicts and prostitutes are touched by Jesus, through Pontus Ministry. If it's in the middle of the night or at a far distance, Pontus will always do what he can to be there for them. He personalizes the evangelists love for the sinner. I help and stand behind Pontus in his ministry because I have seen the fruit."



Ulf Mannebäck, Director - Church on Wheels, Europe

In the close collaboration I have had with Pontus in both Hard Core Bikers and in car clubs in Sweden and Finland, I have seen what a unique gift he has for reaching people whom many others consider hard to reach with the gospel. As the Director of Church on Wheels Europe, I can give him the best of recommendations, and I am personally very grateful for having him as a partner in the work we do together.


It’s been nearly 10 years since we first met Pontus. The man we met then was headed for certain death because of his lifestyle of drug abuse, but God miraculously healed him and saved him for a life of serving as an evangelist. During the years that Pontus has been a member of our church, Kvevlax Mission Church, he has really been used as an extended arm of the church.

Through his moving yet simple testimony, Pontus leads people to Jesus whom none of us other church members would ever have been able to reach. We have been present several times when men and women who most others would consider “hopeless cases” have turned their lives over to Jesus when Pontus has shared the gospel with them. Pontus is truly an evangelist worth supporting and encouraging. In many ways Pontus is a role model for how true Christians should make the most of every opportunity that we get outside of the walls of the church.

Sven Rönnlund for
Pontus J. Back group of mentors
Kvevlax Missionskyrka in Finland





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